Techie Tucker  

Feature: Explore with Google Earth


Got a bone with technology? Need software? Are you looking for help to use some of the great technologies that have been integrated within the GoNorth! curriculum?

Let Techie Tucker     help you! All software needefor implementing the GoNorth! curriculum is available in the download section. And it is all free software.

As for 'how to'... Be it yourself or your students. Watch screen capture movies, read the tutorials and get Techin' with Tucker!



Learn Google


Why is 'Tucker' in charge of the Techie section. Well, few dogs in the Polar Husky kennel is more crazed than Tucker. He is a savy kind of guy, but he is entirely fearless and without any sense of hesitation. His attitude is 'there might be some obstacles, but oh what, they are there to be overtaken.' That is a healthy attitude for a
hardcore Polar Husky sled dog - and we think
it can also be good approach to working with technology.