GoNorth! Featured on NBC KARE 11 Sunrise

NBC Kare 11 Sunrise: March 5, 2010

Blog with Jeff Olsen on KARE 11 Sunrise News   By Jeff Olsen from KARE 11 Sunrise

"AFTON, Minn. - The next trip of the Go North! series, which will take a group of Minnesota explorers and millions of students across Greenland, is already underway on polarhusky.com.

"Go North!" is a free adventure learning project for kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms which is anchored in social and natural science lessons.

"The concept of adventure learning is where we write a K-12 curriculum, based on a place we're going to be traveling to and a culture we're going to interacting with," Doering said. "And then ultimately we travel to this location."

Doering and his team have already traveled to Canada, Alaska, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. This year the location is Greenland.

"Students are able to not leave the classroom walls and experience the arctic first-hand via the computer," Doering continued.

The teachers can choose to follow the whole trip with their class, or just log on to polarhusky.com for specific lessons during the adventure.

"We're truly been able to capture what's happening in the Arctic. And the beauty of it is that were able to share it with students worldwide," Doering added.

Preparing to take to the trail

"Good boy Disco," Doering said as he put a harness over the head of the lead dog in a group of 11 huskies.

On this sunny late February day, Disco, Beacon, Tucker ...." Read the rest of the story >>