GoNorth! Goes from the Arctic to South Africa!

NING site for workshop for Africa 2009 at North-west University, South Africa
November 16-19, our own Aaron Doering and his colleague Charles Miller from Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota travels to the North-west University in Potchefstroom, South Africa to deliver the work shop Technology in Education: Transforming the Perspective:

"Our goal in this workshop is to help you change this perspective. Over the course of this 3-day workshop we will collaborate on investigating and discussing opportunities for transformation in the many ways technology is used in online education. In addition, we will follow a contemporary Role-Based framework when discussing the design and integration process, intended to encourage innovation and creativity in the instructional design field. Beyond that, you will learn to become a better instructional designer and researcher through discussion, design, development, exploration, research, and simply...collaboration.

This workshop will be similar to a design studio, intended for all levels of experience and anyone looking to ignite a fresh perspective on instructional design and the meaningful use of technology in education."

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