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- A premiere outreach feature at University of Minnesota is the world's forerunner in adventure learning. Exciting free K-12 adventure learning programs have been delivered to K-12 classroom worldwide on an annual basis since 2000; For many years in collaboration with the University of Minnesota where our programs served as the premier outreach feature for the College of Education and Human Development.

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Online Distance Learning

Adventure learning is much more than a theory for the elitist.

Based on the success of the adventure learning programs at, 'adventure learning' is now one of four required courses, offered at the College of Education and Human Development at University of Minnesota. The 12-credit online distance learning certificate prepare students to successfully design, develop, and deliver curriculum on the Internet; use interactive online media; and create online learning communities for business and K-12 and postsecondary schools based on the method and implementation at

CI 5327 - Designing Online Adventure Learning
(3.0 cr; A-F or Aud, fall, spring, summer, every year)
Designing, developing, and integrating adventure learning environments in K-16.

To learn more please visit 'Online Distance Learning Certificate' on Tech Talk

"Tech Talk" is a 30-minute TV show produced by the University of Minnesota to help community members learn more about the digital technology we encounter in our everyday lives.

Dr. Aaron Doering from the University of Minnesota appeared November 26, 2006 broadcast representing our adventure learning series at

You can view the segment here, or visit the Tech Talk site to view the whole episode.


A Golden Story Matching the Maroon Colors at University of Minnesota...

Some of the many stories highlighting our adventure learning programs developed in collaboration with the University of Minnesota as a premier outreach feature from this top-ten US university.

GoNorth! at the Bell Museum (Brief, 11/2006)

Maroon and Gold at the Minnesota State Fair (2006)

Studentsgo online for outdoor adventure (The Minnesota Daily 2/2006)

CEHD in the NEWS  (2/2006)

Online adventure learning continues in 2006 in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Link, 2/2006)

Point (5/2006)

Points (2/2006) 

Aaron Doering: Adventure Learning in the Arctic (Savvy Technologist 2/2006)

University of Minnesota Communicator’s Forum announces award winners (University News Service, 2005)  

NCATE/BOT Institutional Report, 2005

U program connects K-12 students with adventurers (9/2005)

Arctic Education Project: Enhancing Education Research and the University's Reputation (2005)

Link (Spring, 2005) 

Kudos (4/2005)

Kudos (1/2005)

The College at the Fair (Link, Fall, 2004)

Polar Huskies More Than Half-way (Link, Spring, 2004)

Tracking Sled Dogs Online (Campus Digest,  3/2004)

Live from the Arctic it is NOMADS Adventure & Education (2/2003)



Features over the years...


The achievements of our adventure learning series is featured in the Strategic Plan Progress Report 2006 'Transforming the U'

  Download the report here



Adventure learning at  is featured in the Inspiring Minds video produced to celebrate the centennial celebration for the College of Education and Human Development at University of Minnesota:

 Read the transcipt is featured in the University of Minnesota Centennial Celebration Issue




College Communication at University of Minnesota Wins Maroon Award with our adventure learning programs:

       College of  
     Education and
     State Fair
     College Booth:

State Fair booth and display, interactive video kiosk and learning curriculum, Web site, trading cards, art and related activities. Entries:

State Fair booth, trading cards  Creative Team, Objectives & Outcomes