Aaron Doering

(USA) - Education Director, Team Member

Aaron is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota where he teaches courses related to how technology can be used to enhance learning within K-16 classrooms. The Bonnie Westby Huebner Endowed Chair in Education and Technology, Aaron has extensive experience in the development and delivery of educational content via the Internet.

With a Ph.D. in instructional systems and technology and a M.S. in geography, Aaron's latest research focuses on the impact of adventure learning within the K-12 classroom, how to design and develop education courses in technology successful, how students' envision the use and need for technology, and how geospatial technologies can be used to enhance learning within science and social studies curricula.

Prior to coming to the University of Minnesota, Aaron taught middle and high school social studies in Rochester, MN taking students to countries around the world in order to study the physical and cultural geography of the area. His love for geography stems being raised on a farm in southern Minnesota!

Aaron did not ease into the ranks as a Arctic explorer - he busted it! His first expedition was the 6 month, 2000 + mile dogsled expedition Arctic Transect 2004. He has since traveled for sections of the five GoNorth! adventure learning expeditions to Greenland as well as Chukotka in Russia, Canada, Sweden and Finland where he each year brought out the teacher explorer for a 2-3 week period.

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