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Latitude: 72º 34’ 44”
Longitude: -38º 27’ 34”

The Greenland Environmental Observatory (GEOSummit), or 'Summit Camp', on the summit of the Greenland Ice Sheet was established by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) with cooperation from the Government of Greenland to provide year-round, long-term measurements for monitoring and investigations of the Arctic environment.

Summit is situated on the peak of the Greenland ice cap a vantage point atop some 10,000 feet of ice (3,200 meters).  The station serves as a year-round outpost for studying air-snow interactions, data that are critical for interpreting the information gleaned from ice cores drilled in the region.

Summit is located some 360 km from the east coast and 500 km from the west coast of Greenland. It falls within the bound of the Northeast Greenland National Park. A year-round research station the coordinates changes because the ice is always moving. The last coordinates were provided on July of 2009 and the station was located 3,216 meters above sea level. The Summit Camp was established in 1989 for deep core ice drillings. The bedrock was reached drilling for the first time on July 1st of 1993.

In the winter time there is typically five people at the station but there has some 55-60 people there in the summer.

The station is operated by CH2M Hill Polar Services with the support from the National Science Foundation. Scientists collect observations on everything from winds and temperatures to atmospheric chemistry. Also collected are ice elevation and types and amounts of snow and ice.

Summit have several buildings including the Big House (main building), Greenhouse (research building), a generator building and a combine garage, Swiss Tower, the summertime Tent City, and storage building.

The temperatures in the summer range from zero degree Celsius to negative forty degree Celsius; while in the winter temperatures range from negative twenty-five degree Celsius to negative sixty degrees Celsius.

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