Qeqertat Island

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Latitude: 77º 30’ 35”
Longitude: -66º 38’ 52”

Qeqertat is a small community in the Qaanaaq area. It is located on the island of Harward Oerand in the bottom of Inglefield Bredning. Qeqertat has a small population with several families of 20-40 people.

Qeqertat has a more continental climate than most other parts of Greenland!

In the summer after the ice leaves in the bay it is possible to see large herds of narwhals. These narwhals come into the fjord to feed and breed. Also seen by Qeqertat are gigantic icebergs and vast glacier that stretch down from the icecaps.

No roads connect to the community and it is not serviced by official air or boat service. 

The local hunters and elders in Qeqertat take part in several scientific research project on the study of ice in relation to climate change. For one their significant knowledge is featured in the book SIKU: Knowing our Ice authored by GoNorth! Cool Scientists Shari Gearheard and Igor Krupnik to be published in June of 2010

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