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Latitude: 76º 45’ 22”
Longitude: -69º 53’ 11”

Moriusaq is located approximately 18 miles (30 km) north of Thule Air Base just south of Granville Fiord. Most time only a few or a single person lives in this community

The use of the location by locals go way back and there are many old turf huts in the area, but now only a few or a single person lives in the community. But local hunters from the surrounding area come there to refuel and overnight while out on the land and ice. In the 1980s some 60 people lived there. Some hunters died, other families moved because of a lack of services such as schools and health care. The community still has a shop and a helicopter service. Moriusaq has long been home for descendants from the famous polar explorer Matthew Henson who travelled with Robert Peary during his Arctic explorations, amongst other as the team first noted for reaching the North Pole in 1909.

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