Your Study Resources: Module 2

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Activity 2-1: Putting on Pressure

  Growing Floaters and Shrinking Sinkers produced by the online magazine Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears:!feature

  Teacher Notes 2-1c: Greenland Satellite Image

  Teacher Notes 2-1e: Greenland’s Glaciers
  Figure 1: Cross section of Greenland
  Figure 2: Uplift

Additional Resources:

  BrainPOP Jr. movie “How Can Land Change?”
An easy-to-follow description of the various activities that can change a landform.

  Life Cycle of a Glacier
This animated slideshow from Nova follows a snowflake on its journey through a glacier.

Activity 2-2: Iceberg, Right Ahead!

  Teacher Notes 2-2a: UNESCO World Heritage Criteria

  UNESCO World Heritage Sites interactive map

  Teacher Notes 2-2b: Ilulissat Icefjord
  Figure 1: Greenland’s Glaciers
  Figure 2: The Formation of the Ilulissat Icefjord
  Figure 3: General Drift Pattern of Icebergs
  Figure 4: Iceberg Shapes
  Figure 5: Melting on the Greenland Ice Sheet
  Figure 6: Crack in the Petermann Glacier

  Engineering a Cooler Planet

  Hunting Icebergs

Additional Resources:

  BrainPOP movie “Glaciers”
A simple explanation of how glaciers function.

  Global Protection Squad Game
In this role-playing game from the Discovery channel, players attempt to solve global warming with various technological solutions. For individual or multiple players.

  Iceberg puzzles
Online interactive jigsaw puzzles related to scientific exploring of ice and snow in the Arctic.

  Greenland’s Ice Island Alarm
A detailed article on climate change and Greenland’s ice sheet.

Activity 2-3: Core Matters

  Teacher Notes 2-3a: Melting Island

  Teacher Notes 2-3b: Greenland in Time

  Teacher Notes 2-3c: Greenland’s Trees

  Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) Data (from the National Climatic Data Center)

  Teacher Notes 2-3e: Ice Core: CO2

Additional Resources:

  BrainPOP movie “Ice Age”
The film describes when and why ice ages have occurred and might occur again and differentiates glaciations from ice ages.

  BrainPOP movie “Fossils”
The film provides an overview of the how and why of the fossil record.

  Oldest known DNA Found in Greenland Ice Core
National Geographic reports on the finding of fossilized DNA, providing evidence of a greener Greenland.

  The warming of Greenland
A New York Times article discussing the implications of the discovery of “warming island.”

  Paleoclimatology: The Ice Core Record
A detailed, illustrated article that provides an overview of the practicalities and science of obtaining and interpreting ice cores.


Activity 2-4: Ice Makes Nice

  Teacher Notes 2-4a: What Green!?

  Teacher Notes 2-4b:  Timmiaaraq: Text

  Teacher Notes 2-4c: Greenland: 2,175,600 km2 of Pure Adventure

  Teacher Notes 2-4d: Greenland’s Flag

  Teacher Notes 2-4e: 49 Words for Snow and Ice

  Listen to the audio pronunciations of Kalaallisut words for snow and ice

Additional Resources:

  Greenland: Snow and Ice
A slideshow of Greenland’s icy and snowy landscapes from the main Greenlandic tourism site.

  The Childrens’ Poetry Archive
Works for children read by the authors. Great inspiration for writing with the senses.

  Sense of Place
A short article providing background and examples for writing descriptively about place.

Activity 2-5: Coats of Many Colors

  Teacher Notes 2-5a: Communities of Greenland
  Figure 1: Annual Sea Ice
  Figure 2: Greenlandic Settlements and Flight Routes

  Teacher Notes 2-5b: Greenland’s Municipalities
  Figure 1: Municipal Map
  Figure 2: Municipal Coats of Arms

  Sumo Paint
Design and color your coats of arms online.

Additional Resources:

  Modar Heraldry Page
Links to articles that go in depth into traditional heraldry.

  Gallery of Country Coats of Arms
This useful page provides examples of coats of arms from around the world.

Activity 2-6: Me and My Place

  Teacher Notes 2-6a: Kalaallit Legends

  Teacher Notes 2-6b: My Own Standard

Additional Resources:

  Greenlandic Myths and Legends
A retelling of some popular Greenlandic legends as well as a description of the “The Inuit philosophy of life” from the official tourist website of Greenland.

A brief synopsis and definition of stereotypes. Appropriate for older students.

  How to take great digital portraits
A good overview for a point-and-shoot digital camera.


Activity 2-7.1: Sunny Days, Sunny Nights?

  Teacher Notes 2-7b: WCCY: Uummannaq

  What’s Climate Change to You?

  Teacher Notes 2-7.1: Sunshine in Greenland


Additional Resources:

  “The Sun Returns”
A short movie showing the sun as it travels barely above the horizon over the day it returns in a high Arctic community.

  BrainPOP Jr. movie “Seasons”
Demonstrates the how and why of seasons.

  BrainPOP Jr. movie “Sun”
Discusses the importance of the sun for life on earth.

  BrainPOP Jr. movie “Writing with the Senses”
This film defines the five sense and helps students use them in descriptive writing.

Activity 2-7.2: A Stitch in Time

  What’s Climate Change to You?

  Teacher Notes 2-7b: WCCY: Uummannaq

  Teacher Notes 2-7.2: Kamiks

  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:

  Attribute Trains:

Additional Resources:

  BrainPOP Jr. movie “United Nations”
Introduces the United Nations and human rights.

  COP 15 official website
Includes an FAQ, links to other UN climate change resources, and much more.

  How to Knit
This easy-to-follow video can serve as a good alternative to the written instructions.

  A Controversial Fashion
A brief article about fashion designer Peter Jensen, who faced charges of cultural appropriation when he designed a pair of boots modeled after Greenlandic traditional dress.

Activity 2-7.3: Action and Reaction

  Teacher Notes 2-7b: WCCY: Uummannaq

  What’s Climate Change to You?

  Teacher Notes 2-7.3: 49 Words for Snow and Ice

  ICC’s “Call to Global Leaders” to “Act Now on Climate Change in the Arctic.” PDF (721 KB)

  Additional Resources:
  Strengthening Culture Through Change
The text of a speech by Aqqaluk Lynge on climate change and its impacts for Arctic people.

  Learning to Speak Climate
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman visits Greenland and discusses the rapid pace of climate change he observed.

  Lene Kielsen Holm: How Climate Change and Socioeconomics Are Affecting Greenland Inuit
An interview with the Inuit Circumpolar Council's Greenland Director of Environment and Sustainable Development Issues about cultural changes in Greenland in the face of climate change.

  Finding the Words
Article on Team GoNorth! cool scientist Shari Gearheard’s work collecting traditional ecological knowledge from Inuit elders in Greenland.


  Climate Refugees
Watch the trailer for the documentary film about the human face on climate change—make it a school or even community event! Have a debate!

  Be a Refuge:
Play the United Nations game “Against All Odds”
United Nations Gimme Shelter:

  What Is Climate Change to You?

  Engineering a Cooler Planet

  Follow in the Path of an Iceberg…with Cool(E)motions!
Track the icebergs live!
“Inspire. Inform. Involve.”

  What’s Your World Heritage Site?
Is there a World Heritage Site in your neighborhood?

  Radio Your Culture!
“Radio, a Tool to Save Culture”


How do places and cultures shape over time? (82 KB)