The World’s Greatest National Park

Geographic coordinates:
71°00' to 83°40'N; -12°00' to -63°00'W

Area (hectares):

0 to +3000

Year designated:


Administrative authorities:

The National Park Administration in North-East Greenland

Major ecosystem type:

Tundra communities and barren Arctic deserts.

Major habitats & land cover types:
Tundra and high mountain vegetation including willow, dwarf birch, crowberry; shore and marsh communities; grassland; heathland; freshwater communities.

Not only is Greenland the largest island in the world but it also has the largest national park. This national park is located in the North-East of Greenland and is the largest biosphere reserve in the world. Since most of the area is inland ice there are no permanent settlements.

This biosphere reserve is a great place to gather research. There is a
research station, Zackenberg, that has field research from May to
early September. This research station has a program called Zackenberg
Basic which has a long time series of background ecosystem data.