Polar Husky World Introduction


Hi - I'm Lightning, and on the following pages I'll take you for a tour of the Polar Husky Kennel. But, first a little bit about who we "Polar Huskies" are ...

Ranging in age from a few months to 15 years old, our Kennel of Polar Huskies spans wide, from veterans with paw prints on the North Pole to young impulsive yearlings for which GoNorth! Greenland 2010 is only their second encounter with the Arctic.

As you read on through the following sections, you will discover why we consider ourselves specialized forces.


Over the last 20 years,my relatives (parents, grandparents and great grand parents) and I have been crossing tens of thousands miles of the frigid Arctic and Antarctic.

It was polar explorer Will Steger who originally worked with locals in Native Arctic communities to gather large freight dogs like us for his polar expeditions. That is why we are called Polar Huskies.

We are bigger, broader, and heavier (weighing an average of 90 pounds) than our sled-racing cousins. Bred for our greater endurance and tolerance of cold weather, we are strong, very friendly, and extremely loyal. Each of us very different!



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