Position: Retired Lead
Age: 11 image of position of dog in team: Lead

Freja is named after the Norse goddess of the same name: the most powerful goddess of love, fertility and beauty, but also of battle and war.

Freja has a soft sweet side to her that loves to pleasey, but she is also tough as nails and demands respect from the pack. Super curious and a hunter, when Freja was just a tiny puppy, she would be itching to explore, whining to get going, and getting quite upset with her siblings if they didn't follow along. That didn't change as she grew up, already running in lead at just two years old. Highly intelligent and observant in nature, Freja is perhaps one of the most sophisticated lead dogs to ever operate in the field with the Polar Husky kennel. Smart, fast, cool, and reserved.

Although retired, Freja she stays busy with her Facebook page & reporting daily phenology observations >>
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