Position: Team Wheel
Age: 2 image of position of dog in team: Team Wheel

Chukchi is about as cool as they get. He is incredibly athletic, looooves to run, and a bit aloof. He really likes attention, but he prefers to get it when he is good and ready for it - and only just a pat or for about as long as it fits him. But it is all done with such sweetness, and a dash of being shy that Chikchi melts your heart. Chukchi is the smallest of the males in the litter by far, but don't let that fool you. He is very head-strong. One day we watched him outsmart the entire litter in a stick contest. He was able to keep the stick the longest from all the other puppies and even when it came down to brute strength he outlasted his much larger brothers Yoik and Pingo.

Chukchi is named after the Native people in Chukotka where we were traveling during the 2007 expedition!

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