Collaboration Zones

Congratulations to our 2010 Collaboration Zone Contest Winners!


Explore Zone:

"Arctic Transportation:...."Ms Jones' Class  
Harbor School, New York, USA

Culture Zone:

"The Lake" & "Police Cars" Mrs Simmonds' Class
CRES, Minnesota, USA

Earth Zone

"Whales of Greenland" Mrs Mottinger's Class
Neill Elementary, Minnesota, USA

Climate Zone:

"In Ilulissat" by Ms Neilsen's Class
Mathias Storch School, Ilulissat, Greenland

Dog Zone:

"Polar Husky PowerPoints" by Ms Nyara's Class
Bayfield Elementary, Wisconsin, USA

Students posting to the Zones are most valuable to GoNorth!

Thank you to all of you that have posted and collaborated in the Zones!


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During GoNorth! Greenland 2010, students collaborate in five Zones... Share work, thoughts and opinions - and comments on the posts of fellow explorers!

Note: Only registered classrooms can enter the Zones.

How does it work ?

When a post is made the post is marked on the map available in all the zones. That way it is easy to see new postings and you can easily get to posts around the world. Just click on the marker and click on the link to get to it.

The zones allow sharing of text, images, movies, audio, and presentation files!

Every Zone follows the exact same format. Once you know how to work in one (and its easy!), you will know how to work them all.

Note that all postings are moderated at Education Basecamp - to make sure the content is fit for the zones. This means that it will take up to 24 hours before your post shows up.

Win Zone Prizes!

Every post made to a zone is an entry to the Zone contest for that zone. In other words, for every submission you make, you have a chance to win. At the end of the LIVE program a winning entry is selected in each zone. The winner is announced on this page and other places on at the end of teh LIVE program in beginning of June.

All posts to be considered in the contest MUST be posted by May 14 (to allow us time to go through all the posts!).

A winning entry means prizes for both the student that made the post, the teacher of the student and for the entire classroom! Check out the cool prizes on this page :)




What is a Zone ?

During each module, learners are challenged to visit the Collaboration Zone to get involved with learning more.

Students are asked to submit their observations and creative work . They can write a riddle, draw a picture, compose an article, essay, or short story, create a cartoon, make a PowerPoint presentation, sing a song, take a picture, make a movie – anything they can think of to illustrate their thoughts on the Module’s topic.

By posting their work, students not only learn, but inspire the rest of us and create public awareness!


Why use the Zones ?

Well, if you ask us its pretty cool to share your work with a huge audience -- something like 4100+ classrooms in 30 countries on six continents around the world! And it is a powerful learning experience: Collaborative forums create authentic learning situations while expanding personal horizons




Post to the Zones and win!

Students, teachers, and classes: for every submission you make, you have a chance to win.

To count in the contest - posts must be entered by May 14.

1 Winning entry = 1 Student prize + 1 Class prize + 1 Teacher prize


The prizes for one winning entry in each zone are...



A Pair of Waldies


Waldies know what's good for you - and what adventure learning is all about, generously donating prizes in the GoNorth! colors blue and orange!



Polar Husky Adoption Certificate

Polar Husky Adoption Certificate

A Polar Husky Adoption certificate for the Polar Husky of choice!



Autographed GoNorth! 2010 Poster + Polar Husky Tail

A Polar Husky Tail hanger for your wall + the official GoNorth! Greenland 2010 poster autographed by the expedition team members!