Week 01 Sable & Co.

Date Posted: 2.22.2010
Location: 44º54'N 92º47'W
Expedition Basecamp, Minnesota, USA
Weather Conditions: Sunny, 31°F (0°C)

Jeff Olsen from NBC’s KARE 11 TV station holds the camera in close so it almost touches Sable’s nose as Mille pulls the harness over her head. Sable couldn’t care less. Sable is a Superstar! She just pushes her head deep into Mille’s chest nudging with excitement, but otherwise without a care. Disko is rolling around on his back with legs in the air. Kodiak impatiently launches himself into the harness. All the Polar Husky
are ready to roar!


   Watch the stars in action pulling
   for the camera!

   Watch Aaron being
   interviewed by Jeff

It will still be a few weeks at Expedition Basecamp. There are still more items to be checked off the many lists and more paperwork to be cleared before the Polar Huskies, gear, food and sleds are loaded into the belly of the aircraft taking everything to Thule Airbase in Greenland. “The world’s biggest island is next!” exclaims Aaron with a grin. Then, getting serious, “Yes, we will still be on the North American continent, but once we set out onto the vast Greenlandic Icecap we might as well be on a different planet, and we have to be prepared accordingly.”


Andrea getting checked up by the Doctor  
“The planned expedition route in Kalaallit Nunaat, as the local Kalaalit call Greenland, will first have us traveling to what is the most northern communities in the world!” says Christine. Brant continues, “It is the journey up onto the ice sheet that I’m sure will be challenging and we all have had to go through a pretty rigid check-up on our overall health to be prepared.” The good news is that we all passed with flying colors so all of us are tirelessly continuing onwards to get ready, which involves the skills and dedication of all members of Team GoNorth!
  Watch Mille getting a shot to be checked for Tuberculosis
   Watch Andrea getting blood drawn

      We are setting out to explore the ocean and
    its resources on this adventure learning
    expedition. Notice the amazing 550 lbs
    6-foot stuffed Tuna hanging in the shop
    behind Paul building new dog houses for
    the superstars!

As a group, we need to trust one another to do a good job and complete tasks efficiently. Each one of us is responsible for one part of the whole. Separately, we cannot accomplish what needs to be done. And, our team involves many other people than “just” us heading out on the expedition trail. Together, we have been able to visit schools, work with teachers, build new boxes for the dog truck to transport the dogs, produce movies, meet with sponsors, write grants, format the curriculum, test new equipment, manage the web site, fix gear, keep up with accounting, attend conferences to spread the word, feed the Polar Huskies,... (Get the picture?).

   Check out the doghouses in use!  Can you zoom
   in to find the truck and new dog boxes taking
   us to New York for departure in a few weeks?


Make sure to join the expedition team members in this year’s first chat on Thursday, February 25th at 1 PM to talk about Arctic Exploration and what goes into getting ready for the expedition!


   Watch Tiff draw the schools in Tracker’s expedition!

         Polar Huskies on a training
       run with Tim

One all ready and actually already on the trail, is Tracker, the stuffed Polar Husky, setting out on her Classroom Expedition 2010. Tiffany took Tracker to the post office on Friday to ship her off to the first destination on this year’s journey! Make sure that by Tuesday you check in on Tracker’s destination this week and follow her classroom adventures!

In the meantime Sable and Co. will continue to pull the four-wheelers around Basecamp getting ready for our journey ahead. Not that Sable, who is this week’s Polar Husky Superstar, needs much more readying! Tim, who is in charge of training the Polar Huskies this year explains, “the really cool thing about training Sable is that it is not only about training her to be at the top of her game, but Sable is an important player in our team getting everyone else ready to pull those sleds!”

Polar Husky Superstar: Sable

If you take a look at Sable’s expedition map (there is a map of each dogs expeditions on their pages in the Kennel!) it is obvious that Sable has tremendous experience running on the trail. But, it is not just the mileage, it is the effort that Sable always puts into moving our sleds forward every mile of the way on every expedition.

She is happy-natured and a real honey, but don’t get fooled by sweet Sable. She is actually one of the toughest Polar Huskies to ever pull a sled and with her unbelievable technique and tremendous strength of both mind and body, she can teach the ropes of working as a team like no one else. She is not afraid to set anyone straight as she has no tolerance for silliness, and she never gives up. Yes, she is the type of personality that takes charge to change the world! That is one reason why we have to put Sable in charge of the very important section on the website “Green A-to-Z with Sustainable Sable”!  Here you can join Sable and the rest of the team making a difference for sustainable living (like how we think about ‘smart living’) one paw at a time!

         This week the Polar Huskies received a
       package full of sweet cards for what in
       the US is known as ‘Valentines Day’

    Watch Sable talk it up and shake it down!

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