Tracker's Travels

Tracker, the CEHD {stuffed} Polar Husky, is emBARKing on her own expedition to visit GoNorth! Classrooms around the world!

Follow Tracker's progress and learn what students are doing in the GoNorth! classrooms she visits during:

Tracker's Travels: Tracker's 2010 Classroom Expedition


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How does it work? A few weeks before GoNorth! Greenland 2010 began, all registered teachers received a Polar Husky Alert about Trackers 2010 Classroom Expedition. Interested teachers then entered their name into a drawing. We printed-out the name of every teacher who registered and put all those names into Tracker's travel  bag.  We then randomly selected 14.

Check back every day M-F to see where Tracker is & what she is doing in the classroom. It's going to be a howlin' fun adventure!


Webster City Middle School

Ms Stock's Class

Webster City, Iowa, United States
Latitude: 42˚27' N Longitude: -93˚49' W

    Monday, May 17

Hi Friends, Tracker arrived in Webster City today safe and sound. She was so happy to be out of her box, she did flips!

She played math games on the computer. She was excited
to see our poster with some of her Iditarod friends pulling a sled. Adam was glad to teach her the card order in his reading program.

We really put her to work today, but we let her go to the gym to play basketball with our high school helper.

Ms. Stock's class.


    Tuesday, May 18

Today we learned about Ben Franklin!

    Wednesday, May 19

Today, we let Tracker rest a bit as we were writing our rough drafts for our research papers.  She did get to go to ART today and Mrs. Niggemeyer let her sit in her office. The art room can be very dangerous sometimes.

We made puppets today so now Tracker has some new (but very weird) friends.

Tomorrow is the torch run for Special Olympics so we will be out cheering (and barking) for the athletes from all of our schools.  More on that tomorrow. 

Ms. Stock's Class and Tracker

    Thursday, May 20

Hi Everyone, Tracker had such a busy morning. She
attended the Special Olympics Torch Run with the
Special Olympic Athletes from Webster City Middle
School. There were lots of speeches and the Highway
Patrol brought the torch into the gym. Then we had a parade. Lots of candy got thrown, but Tracker didn't
get any, the kids were too fast! This afternoon she
went to music with the students and the teacher let her
play the drums. It was a very noisy day! We are really
getting used to having her around. We will miss her
when she takes off for her last classroom tomorrow.

Ms. Stock's Class

    Friday, May 21

It is with great sadness and even a couple of tears that the students at
Webster City Middle School said "goodbye" to Tracker.  Students took
a group picture and Tracker was very good and smiled. Today she helped
the students make visual projects for their History reports.  It seems that
they are able to pay attention better if they have a dog sitting next to them.
Tracker is great at keeping students on task. Ms. Stock thinks she may have
to get a relative of Tracker's for each of her students. When we took her
to the post office, they had only heard of Flat Stanley. They thought Tracker,
being three dimensional, was a much more exciting idea. We invited them
all to check out the Polar Husky web site. Adults and kids should never stop
learning. Thank you to the Basecamp Manager for making this such a
wonderful experience.  

Ms. Stock's 5th grade class at Webster City Middle School.
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