Tracker's Travels (classroom #11)

Tracker, the CEHD {stuffed} Polar Husky, is emBARKing on her own expedition to visit GoNorth! Classrooms around the world!

Follow Tracker's progress and learn what students are doing in the GoNorth! classrooms she visits during:

Tracker's Travels: Tracker's 2010 Classroom Expedition


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How does it work? A few weeks before GoNorth! Greenland 2010 began, all registered teachers received a Polar Husky Alert about Trackers 2010 Classroom Expedition. Interested teachers then entered their name into a drawing. We printed-out the name of every teacher who registered and put all those names into Tracker's travel  bag.  We then randomly selected 14.

Check back every day M-F to see where Tracker is & what she is doing in the classroom. It's going to be a howlin' fun adventure!


Mixon Elementary

Mrs Weipert's Class

Ozark, Alabama, United States
Latitude: 31˚26' N Longitude: -85˚38' W

    Monday, May 3

Due to some heavy rains, Tracker didn't arrive in time to meet her week 11 classmates. Not wanting Tracker to feel lonely on her first night in Alabama in May, she brought her home to spend the night at her house. Tracker was introduced to Ms Weipert's my daughter, Alexis, and to their wonderful dog, Tolkien. Tolkien didn't quite know what to make of Tracker at first, but they became fast friends. Tracker is looking forward to meeting Ms Weipert's students Tuesday morning. They are going to be so excited!

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    Tuesday, May 4

Mrs. Weipert's students were so excited when they discovered Tracker waiting in their classroom Tuesday morning! All of the kids were eager to introduce themselves and made Tracker feel right at home! Since the kids are studying transportation, they were eager to learn how Tracker has been traveling from classroom to classroom. She helped the kids create a chart listing ways that people have been transporting themselves over the last 100 years. Afterwards, she was able to read about airplanes and trains, even though we know sledding is her favorite form a transportation! In science, the kids used Tracker in their scientific sketches. She was quite flattered by the beautiful portraits the kids drew. After a full day of learning, Tracker was lucky enough to go home with one of Mrs. Weipert's students, Morgan. They spent the afternoon riding 4-wheelers and jumping on the trampoline.

 Listen to Tracker's Tuesday Audio Update by Mrs Weipert and Morgan

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    Wednesday, May 5

Tracker had an awesome Cinco de Mayo with Mrs. Weipert's class. It was very exciting to attend the LIVE week 11 chat with Dr Max Holmes from the Woods Hole Research Center and The Polaris Project. Everyone enjoyed asking Dr Max questions and seeing the answers to their questions posted for all GoNorth! Student Explorers to read. Tracker then went to to have a sleepover at Allen's house.

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    Thursday, May 6

Thursday was a reading day for the students in Mrs. Weipert's class! In the morning, they spent time reading and visiting the library. Tracker accompanied one group to the school library, where they tried to find some books on sled dogs. Since there were none, Tracker did help locate some books on wolves (which is also part of the canine family.) After lunch, the kids had speeches to give on historical fiction novels they read during the month of April. All of the kids wanted to hold Tracker for their presentations because she made them feel a little calmer and not quite as nervous. Tracker seemed to really enjoy all of the books shared today!

 Listen to Tracker's Thursday Audio Update

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    Friday, May 7

Today Tracker had a first when she visited a Dog Bakery! Until today she had only heard of them and didn't think they were real. :) She thought it was absolutely PAWSOME and couldn't help wondering what the Polar Huskies would think of a trip to a Dog Bakery... At the end of the day she packed up her travel bag and began her journey to her week 12 school.

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