Tracker's Travels (classroom #10)

Tracker, the CEHD {stuffed} Polar Husky, is emBARKing on her own expedition to visit GoNorth! Classrooms around the world!

Follow Tracker's progress and learn what students are doing in the GoNorth! classrooms she visits during:

Tracker's Travels: Tracker's 2010 Classroom Expedition


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How does it work? A few weeks before GoNorth! Greenland 2010 began, all registered teachers received a Polar Husky Alert about Trackers 2010 Classroom Expedition. Interested teachers then entered their name into a drawing. We printed-out the name of every teacher who registered and put all those names into Tracker's travel  bag.  We then randomly selected 14.

Check back every day M-F to see where Tracker is & what she is doing in the classroom. It's going to be a howlin' fun adventure!


Harbor School

Ms Jones' Class

Seaford, New York, United States
Latitude: 40˚39' N Longitude: -73˚30' W

    Monday, April 26

Tracker's spent her weekend traveling from Wisconsin to New York. Did you know that once she arrives at her week 10 school she will have traveled 14,447 miles?!


    Tuesday, April 27

Tracker arrived at Harbor School today.

  Watch Tracker arrive at Harbor School to the delight of Ms Jones' students!


    Wednesday, April 28

  Listen to Tracker's adventures at Harbor School

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    Thursday, April 29

  Listen to Tracker's adventures at Harbor School

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  Watch Tracker's "at the beach" movie


    Friday, April 30

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  Listen to Tracker's last day
  at Harbor School
    See what Tracker did before arriving at Harbor School