Tracker's Travels (classroom #4)

Tracker, the CEHD {stuffed} Polar Husky, is emBARKing on her own expedition to visit GoNorth! Classrooms around the world!

Follow Tracker's progress and learn what students are doing in the GoNorth! classrooms she visits during:

Tracker's Travels: Tracker's 2010 Classroom Expedition


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How does it work? A few weeks before GoNorth! Greenland 2010 began, all registered teachers received a Polar Husky Alert about Trackers 2010 Classroom Expedition. Interested teachers then entered their name into a drawing. We printed-out the name of every teacher who registered and put all those names into Tracker's travel  bag.  We then randomly selected 14.

Check back every day M-F to see where Tracker is & what she is doing in the classroom. It's going to be a howlin' fun adventure!


Bayfield Elementary School

Mrs Curran-Weber's and Ms Nyara's Class

Bayfield, Wisconsin, United States
Latitude: 46?48' N Longitude: -90?49' W

    Monday, March 15

Tracker arrived in our 2nd grade right before Math class!  We were so excited to see her! The students are looking forward to the week ahead with Tracker being a part of our learning community. 

We had planned a snowshoeing adventure, but due to the beautiful weather, WE'VE LOST ALL OF OUR SNOW!  So maybe Tracker will be joining us on a nature "hike" instead!

We are all looking forward to a wonderful week and are grateful to have Tracker with us!!

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    Tuesday, March 16

Tracker started her day by having a delicious breakfast. She loved the home-made blueberry coffee cake.

She spent the morning with Ms. Alli's class & went swimming with the second grade. It was the second graders first day of swimming lessons through the phy. ed department. Tracker took a little swim, loved the exercise, and added to her Polar Husky Challenge miles!

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    Wednesday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! It is all green today. We started off with a leprechaun story & songs. Tracker enjoyed her 3rd day in second grade. It was filled with stories, St. Patrick's Day activities & treats, math, music, library, & a beautiful 55 degree day.
Today the second grade scientists & tracker went to a nature walk on Bayfield's Iron Bridge nature trail. The scientists were using their four senses (hear, smell, see, feel) no tasting today on the trail. They were making observations of the seasonal changes in our community. Some observations included "I can see Madeline Island & it's a beautiful view." I feel wind blowing threw my hair." "I hear the waterfall." "I smell rotting wood."

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    Thursday, March 18

Today Tracker and the second graders had a day filled
with guided reading, math, swimming lessons, phy.ed,
and nutrition education.

Last night Tracker spent the night with the Dahl family
and slept comfy and cozy in a bed.

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    Friday, March 19

Today we walked tracker to the Post office and it was a very breezy 35 degree day on the shores of Lake Superior. We had so much fun with Tracker this week. We love you Tracker! Farewell!

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