Tracker's Travels

Tracker, the CEHD {stuffed} Polar Husky, is emBARKing on her own expedition to visit GoNorth! Classrooms around the world!

Follow Tracker's progress and learn what students are doing in the GoNorth! classrooms she visits during:

Tracker's Travels: Tracker's 2010 Classroom Expedition


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How does it work? A few weeks before GoNorth! Greenland 2010 began, all registered teachers received a Polar Husky Alert about Trackers 2010 Classroom Expedition. Interested teachers then entered their name into a drawing. We printed-out the name of every teacher who registered and put all those names into Tracker's travel  bag.  We then randomly selected 14.

Check back every day M-F to see where Tracker is & what she is doing in the classroom. It's going to be a howlin' fun adventure!


Ottumwa High School

Mrs Padget's Class

Ottumwa, Iowa, United States
Latitude: 41˚0' N Longitude: -92˚24' W

    Monday, May 24

Tracker arrived at 11:30 a.m. CST to room 401, Mrs. Padget's science room. This was Trackers' first visit to a high school! Tracker settled right in and got to work!  She helped students research for a project, she hung out in the hall during passing time.  Talked on the phone to her friends up North and then at the end of the day she took a long a waited nap. She even sat in the teacher's chair!

Can't wait to see what she does tomorrow!

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    Tuesday, May 25

Tracker started out the day by having a good breakfast of waffles and juice. Then it was off to the workout room to stay in good shape for when she goes back to  Basecamp. Tracker then went to see Miss Margie in the main office to help her welcome people to Ottumwa High School. Tracker then went to Mr. Maas's offfice to get the low down on the school rules about wandering the halls. -Tracker assured Mr. Maas she would be a good dog. :-0)

Then it was off to Math class to learn a little Algebra 2. After Algebra she went to Spanish class to learn another language so she could speak to more students. Then she went to the library to catch up on some reading about native plants. Tracker stopped by the auditorium to help with a presentation by the guidance office. She then sat down with Mrs. Maas to talk about her future plans which is always important!

Tracker ended the day with to Geography class and taught a lesson about the Arctic. She had a busy day!

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    Wednesday, May 26

Well, today Tracker visited the Family and Consumer Sciences Department. Learning how to cook, sew and take care of the little Polar Huskies is very important! Tracker enjoyed making bread, making a pizza casserole and listening to information about possible future careers in the restaurant business. She is thinking being in this department is not such a bad idea!

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    Thursday, May 27

Well, Tracker had quite a day today! She went to band practice and kept the beat with the bongos. Then she went to JROTC where she was made an honorary cadet. She got her cadet pin put on her collar by the battalion commander. She was presented the Ottumwa High School JROTC Unit Crest pin too!! She then visited the yearbook staff where she had her picture taken for the yearbook!!! She then hung out in art class and learned to draw. She ended the day making a new friend.

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    Friday, May 28

Tracker spent her day saying good-bye to her friends and hosts the Ottumwa High School Science Department. As she sat on the front steps of our school, she reflected on the places that she had been and the people she had met. Having traveled to 14 schools she had met many great kids and adults!

She also had many great adventures! We will all miss Tracker and hope to see her in future adventures for the GoNorth! program!

Thanks for the memories!

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