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Movies of the Week ·· May 24, 2010

Ms Jones' Class in Seaford, New York share what they have learned about The Ocean!

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  • Last Ride For This Ice Core
    The ice cores drilled from Greenland’s ice sheet at the NEEM camp last year is kept at the camp over the winter to let it ‘settled,’ since it is very brittle when 'fresh' out of the ice sheet. Some of...
  • World Record Drill Trench…
    Walk with Mille down into the drilling trench where the deep ice cores are drilled out of Greenland’s ice sheet. Last drilling season (April – Aug) the drillers broke the world record in the length...
  • Mille-The-Driller!?
    Trevor heads up the morning deep ice core drilling shift at NEEM. As Mille comes to visit in the control room the drill meets resistance and Trevor pulls it back up to check all is ok – asking Mille to help...
  • The (Real Deal) Drill Master
    Steffen Bo Hansen heads up the drilling efforts at NEEM – a forty-year expert in the field of deep ice core drilling (hint: that is about how long its been going on) Steffen kindly walks us...
  • Forty-Thousand-Year Old Ice
    Three-and-a-half meter of ice core (about 10 ? feet) drilled and on the table in the early morning hour: Ice that fell as snow on Greenland’s ice sheet 40,000 years ago! Trevor (US) and Vasileios (Greeece) measure...
  • Discovery!
    Vasileios shares with Mille how clear ice is from warmer periods whereas the colder periods create cloudier ice because of the increase in snow precipitation. Then, while looking to show Mille cloud bans...
  • Like It Was Before Being Drilled…
    While Vasileios and Marie work to align to adjacent ice cores so its just the way it was before being drilled out of Greenland’s ice sheet – Scientist Sepp shares why that is very important to the science effort.
  • Snow-Shavings-Washing-Machine
    Up to two pounds or one kilo of snow shavings, or ‘chips’ are created for each core drilled as the drill makes its way down. The chips are soaked in the drill fluid that is in the drill hole for the drill to move...
  • Cutting Up the First Core!
    The first ice core this year out of the drilling trench was drilled at the depth of 1,750 meters (5,250 feet) and fell as snow on Greenland’s ice sheet 37,617 years ago...
  • Red Light Ice Core Dating
    Scanning the ice core we can clearly see the yearly annual cycles in the ice core by looking at the bans in it. Christopher Stowasser explains how it works!
  • Making Ions Visible!
    Daiana is the mix master as she makes one of the buffers to be used when looking for gases in the melt water to be made from the ice core – showing us how the atmosphere was put together tens-of-thousands, even 100,000, years ago!
  • 'Operation CFA'
    CFA means Continuing Flow Analyses… Putting every drop to use, a part of every ice core is melted for investigation like looking for levels of sea salt in the atmosphere when the snow fell so many thousands of years ago...
  • The Gas Laser
    Remi is a mad scientists for gasses! Sharing the inner works of his gas laser, he is working on getting it set-up, its all about figuring out how the atmosphere was put together at any given time from now and dating back...
  • Colors in Ice
    Sepp is a master of much in the science trench, but here he treats us to watch a thin sliver of the first ice core drilled this year through two polarizers so we can see the colorful gases in the ice that fell as snow 37,617 years ago!!!
  • The (Important) Plastic Bottle Experiment
    The ice sheet is made up of snow falling for the last couple of hundred thousand years. Falling snow is frozen water. Some part of the water is light and some heavy and how much is what depends on the temperature! How it all really works...
  • Fueling It All
    Walking in both the drilling and science trench where the scientists and drillers are working deep 'under-snow' inside the rooms made down in Greenland’s ice sheet at the NEEM camp...
  • Tour NEEM
    Mille is on a snow mobile coming back from checking on the Polar Huskies, and on her way to the next task of the day we get a little tour…
  • Polar Husky Ski-joring on the Ice Sheet
    On Mille and the Polar Huskies last evening at NEEM we had a small 'send-off-party' starting off with brave Trevor, Theo and Jakob venturing out on their skies - pulled by Jupiter and Lightning, Beacon and Sable, and Disko and Rubi...
  • Tearing the Sleds Apart
    Team work gets the job done! Alone at NEEM with the Polar Huskies Mille gets lots of wonderful help from Lou and Sverrir in packing up and getting gear and equipment ready to fly out of NEEM for the expedition to return to the United States.
  • Where Are You Going With Our Sled?
    Sleds, food and equipment must all be prepared for departure on board a plane taking Mille and the Polar Huskies back to the United States. On a snow mobile Sverrir and Mille load up the dog food and attach the first of the sleds for its last ride on...
  • Unscrew Ski-Bindings, Check!
    At the end of an expedition there is much to be done before equipment, gear and Polar Huskies can be loaded onto the plane taking the expedition back to the United States – and Mille is quite busy making it all happen in time...
  • Loading Onto the Hercules
    In their dog boxes, Sverrir loads the Polar Huskies onto the Hercules airplane soon to take off from the NEEM camp on Greenland’s ice sheet to bring the dogs, Mille and expedition equipment back to the United States.
  • Bump, Bump, Take-off!
    Join Mille and Kathy from Polar Field who came up to the NEEM camp for a very brief visit and to greet Mille as the Hercules airplane takes off down the ski way departing from the NEEM camp on its way to the first stop...
  • Fly-A-Hercules
    Join Kathy from Polar Field and Mille in the cockpit with the five pilots flying the Hercules plane from the NEEM camp in the middle of Greenland’s ice sheet. Coolest cockpit I have ever been in says Mille!
  • Hercules-Touring
    Tour the Hercules loaded with Polar Huskies, sleds, gear and American soldiers (!) as we fly the second leg of the journey from Kangerlussuaq in the south of Greenland to our desination in the state of New York in the United States.
  • Polar Husky Un-Load
    Arriving late at night the Polar Huskies are back in the United States and being loaded off out the tail of the Hercules airplane – then driven to the area for inspection so they can get out of the boxes to stretch their legs after a very long flight.
  • Khan and Nazca Getting Out
    Khan and Nazca both happy to get out of the dog box as Mille takes them to the stake out chain by the dog truck and trailer for them to get some water and stretch their legs before we set out on the long drive back to Minnesota.
  • Tim is here!
    Tim drove the dog truck from Minnesota to meet Mille and the Polar Huskies and help out with the drive back to Minnesota. Greeted with much love by all Polar Huskies, here Trigger practically jumps into Tim as Tim opens his box!
  • The Ocean
    Ms Jones' Class in Seaford, New York share what they have learned about The Ocean!
  • Why We Hunt Seals
    In the community of Ilullisat, Tom Osterman talks with Christine about observing changes in the environment and the importance of seal hunting and the oceans resources to communities, people and their traditional culture, food and health in Greenland.