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We don't exactly get to wash our clothes that often. In order for us to wash anything out on the trail, we have to melt enough snow to add the soap and then enough water to rinse things thoroughly. It's simply too much work and consumes too much fuel. So we wear the same things everyday. Depending on how warm or cold it is, we may have as many as six or seven layers just on our upper-bodies. We layer numerous pairs of pants and shirts and each one of us has to fit all of our clothing into one duffel bag!

With all your packing of stuff, how many pairs of clothes do you take?

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It is probably a matter of not actually seeing the goal as a challenge, but more as an adventure! An adventure just waiting to be full-filled. A dream to be followed. Nothing is impossible if you can keep believing in it.

It might be extremely hard to reach your goal, and it is important to keep in mind that what is important is the journey not the destination. In other words, when you are pursuing a dream, a goal, a challenge remember to have fun along the way and enjoy reaching your goal. Or maybe it is no longer worthwhile.

With all the things we read in the "For Real!" trail report that you needed to check check check it seems like getting to Greenland has been a big challenge. Our teacher said that 2007 was a big challenge too. How do you get motivated to take on these challenges?

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We start moving around, like doing jumping jacks or skiing harder to make the blood flow faster. We get warm from the blood flowing around in our body! When you move fast, like run fast, your heart has to pump your blood faster and that is why you get to feel warm, maybe even sweaty. Now, for the body to be able to make all that happen it needs energy, and we get energy from what we eat. So the other thing we do is that we eat something, like an energy bar or some chocolate. That is like a burst of heat! This will help us get warm because the body will 'burn the food' and that makes us a bit warmer, and it also gives us energy to move around!

What will you do if you get cold while you are in Greenland?

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Yes, every day we will be posting an audio update. And every Monday morning at 8 am CST, you will be able to see Trail Updates, movies, audio, pictures, and 360's from us. On Thursdays, Beacon will update his Blog on the site. This is all sent straight from the tent to you!

We can do all of this because of out satellite phones, solar panels, generators, grab-it-batteries, and not one—but two— satellite communication systems... get the picture?

Now as for you being able to talk to us, make sure to post us lots of "Send-a-Note" messages! We love to download and read these on our days off and when in the communities.

Now that you have left for Greenland will you still be able to communicate with us?

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GoNorth! is a five-year program, and one of our goals has been to travel around the "circumpolar" Arctic to collect our science research—and to make it possible for students like you (and three million others!) to see the many different and incredible regions of the Arctic to learn about the different issues in different regions.

We would not be going circumpolar (around the pole in a circle) without traveling in Greenland Arctic. With that in mind, we sat down and decided where we thought we should be heading to "learn the most" and experience different cultures and lands. We did a lot of research of what locations would work best from the standpoint of getting to and from there and so-on. And then we looked at where there were issues and questions good to work with in the curriculum. So, it is a long process, really!

Why did you choose Greenland as this year's expedition place?

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No. They are both from long lines of traditional Arctic Breeds. Polar Huskies and the Greenlandic dogs love the cold, love the snow, and love to pull.

Looking at the dogs eating walrus this week we think they look at lot like Polar Huskies. Is there a big difference between the Polar Huskies and the dogs in Greenland?

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We are soooooo excited to say that as-of right now when you are reading this, we are all in Greenland. :)


When are you going to Greenland?

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(the answer to the follow-up portion of the question was cut off. Nanette has provided us with the end of her answer so we are posting it here.)

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States: Watching the movie "End of the Line" scientists talk about that there will be little or no life in the ocean for humans to fish in as little as 50 years if we do not change our way - what are your thoughts on this?
Nanette (GoNorth! Expert): I think that there is a lot of overexploitation in the seas. Hopefully the MSC-­? certificate (marine Stewardships Council), which is a certificate you can apply for, which means that the fish/shrimps are fished on a sustainably basis. Hopefully people will start with looking for that stamp on the goods.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States: Wow, did not know about the MSC-certificate (marine Stewardships Council) - thank you for telling us!
Nanette (GoNorth! Expert): It seems to be a good project. The fishermen here in Greenland is also very interested in getting the certificate, but then there is a lot of demands which has to be fulfilled. For example,  that the catches taken has to be on a sustainable basis.

Asked at the week 7 chat on Friday, April 9th:

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Minneapolis, MN

Each sled will carry about 1,500 pounds worth of gear and food.

Very soon you will be able to see pictures in the Scrapbook of the sleds on the trail in Greenland totally loaded down with all our stuff!

How much does the sled carry?

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Have you been to the kennel to learn about each Polar Husky?

The dogs are:

5    Baffin
7    Beacon
2    Chitwa
2    Chukchi
10  Disko
8    Domino
5    Good Thunder
5    Jupiter
10  Khan
2    Kinu
5    Kodiak
5    Lightning
2    Luna
11  Nazca
2    Pingo
2    Qannik
8    Rubi
10  Sable
2    Sisu
2    Sunny
5    Trigger
8    Tucker
2    Yoik

How old are the dogs that you work with?

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