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Wednesday, May 12th 
at 9:00 AM CT

Climate Chaos


Dr Lisa Suatoni,

Climate Chaos
is the topic of the Weekly Chat for Module 04 during the weeks 10, 11 and 12.


Background: Carbon dioxide levels rise. Mercury climbs. Oceans warm. Coral reefs die. Glaciers melt. Sea levels rise. Sea ice thins. Permafrost thaws. Ocean acidifies. Migration times vary. Species die out. Lakes shrink. Snowpack declines. Ice shelves collapse. Wildfires increase. Droughts linger. Storms are more extreme. Mountain streams run dry. Flowers get bigger. Trees turn green sooner. Exotic species invade. Cloud forests dry. Spring comes earlier. Fall leaves later.

Global warming or climate change? Increasingly, scientists and policy makers are coming to call it for what it truly is: “climate chaos.” This term acknowledges that we indeed know the continued increase in carbon dioxide levels at current rates will lead to dramatic environmental and climatic change on a global scale—and recognizes that we do not know exactly what this will mean, beyond that it will leave the global environmental balance in a state of chaos.

We are only just beginning to comprehend what this chaos means for the world ocean, and what we’re finding out only increases the urgency for solutions that can reverse climate change.

Some questions to possibly open the chat with or discuss prior to the LIVE chat!

List at least three suggestions that might help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Do you believe climate change is a serious problem for the oceans? Why, or why not? How will that impact life on land?

What are the world’s nations doing to prevent or reduce climate change? Is enough being done?


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