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Ap Verheggen is the Artistic Director for cool(E)motion.

By creating a gigantic and unprecedented art project, cool(E)motion wants to re-engage the public on the topic of climate change. It wants to do so in a positive manner, contrary to the fault-finding impulses or the accusing finger.

We will demonstrate the inextricable link between climate and culture and visualize what the consequences of that link are. To illustrate this we will travel into the areas around the North Pole. The impressive dynamic natural elements that are typical of this area speak to everyone's imagination: a pure white stage with unimaginable forces, such as rapidly receding glaciers, floating icebergs, drifting ice. On these dynamic stages we will place huge sculptures, which derive their inspiration from the local culture. These almost majestic sculptures will be propelled by their stages at high speeds toward their final destruction. In order to reach our audience with this magnificent theatrical drama, we will broadcast it live into people’s living rooms.

Because cool(E)motion is very concerned about the effects of climate change moving south, we will give the very first victims of climate change a voice: the Inuit, a group of people who currently have no voice. Their story can become ours. But Inuit culture has always dealt with adaptation to harsh circumstances. Because our culture is based on more stable circumstances, we are not used to short-term change. We, with our more structured culture, will have a tougher time. But nonetheless, climate change means culture change.

We realize that our stage may be far removed from people’s doorstep, therefore we will bring this project into people’s living room, via TV, and other modern media.

Since cool(E)motion condemns no one for actions, behaviors or opinions in the past, but rather puts its energy into creating a new sort of consciousness, everyone has a chance to participate and make a positive difference. Let us go out and start doing today what is required for tomorrow.

Art is emotion. And it is this very emotion which is lacking in the discussion that even for insiders has become a cacophony. We seek your support for cool(E)motion in creating a better future for the planet and its people. In this way, a new dimension to climate change will be added, putting feeling and emotion back into the debate.