Weekly Chat 

Each week of the LIVE adventure learning expedition, registered teachers and students can participate in an online chat with invited topic experts. An Education Basecamp Moderator facilitates each chat.

The Weekly Chat allows students to talk about things that are important to them, while expressing thoughts and opinions, learning as they explore and expand upon the module topics.

Investigating current issues in the world today—the online chat topic is introduced on the "Your Voice" pages, within the Case Study section of the corresponding module in the Curriculum & Activity Guide for each particular week.

Though the topics might seem advanced for younger students, our experience is that by using a group approach in your classroom, students as young as 2nd grade can participate in the chat with great gain, being that the topic actually is an extension of and correlates with all curriculum and online activities of the particular week.

One chat is scheduled for one day each week. Over the course of the LIVE program, there will be the chance to participate in a chat on all weekdays, except Mondays. Each chat lasts 45 minutes.

Only registered teachers and their classrooms can take part in the chat, but no registration is needed to take part in each individual chat. Just log in! All chats are moderated and safe.

Transcripts or recording of the chats are made available on the individual chat pages.

Note: The chat zone is active with a test chat for you to test your system the morning of our scheduled chats up to 30 minutes prior to the chat. The test chat is not monitored. Please contact us with any questions or problems.


Chat Schedule:

 Module 1- Exploration: The Arctic.  Chat Topic: Arctic Exploration
 week 01
 Thursday  February  25
 01:00 PM
 Speaker:  GoNorth! Team Member
 week 02   Wednesday
 10:00 AM
 GoNorth! Team Member
 week 03
 Friday  March
 12:00 PM
 Speaker:  Dr Shari Gearheard, GoNorth! Cool Scientist
 Module 2- Geology: People.  Chat Topic: The Human Connection
 week 04
 Wednesday  March  17
 12:00 PM
 Speaker:  Dr Henry Huntington, GoNorth! Cool Scientist
 week 05  Thursday  March  26
 01:00 PM
 Speaker:  Ap Verheggen, cool(E)motion
 week 06
 Wednesday  March  31  10:00 AM
 Speaker:  Lana Hansen, Author 'Sila'
 Module 3- Ecology: Sustainable Development.  Chat Topic: World Resources
 week 07
 Tuesday  April
 10:00 AM  Speaker:  Fernando Ugarte, Greenland Inst of Natural Resources
 week 07  Friday  April  09  11:00 AM  Speaker:  Nikoline Ziemer and Nanette Hammeken Arboe, GINR
 week 09
 Friday  April
 10:00 AM
 Speaker:  Dr Thomas Juul-Pedersen, Greenland Inst of Nat Resources
Module 4- Climate: Ocean.  Chat Topic: Climate Chaos
 week 10  Wednesday  April  28  10:00 AM
 Speaker:  Dr James Foster, GoNorth! Cool Scientist
 week 11  Wednesday  May  05  10:00 AM
 Speaker:  Dr Max Holmes, GoNorth! Cool Scientist
 week 12
 Wednesday  May  12
 09:00 AM  Speaker:  Dr Lisa Suatoni, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Bonus Final Chat
week 14 Friday May 28  10:00 AM  Speaker:  GoNorth! Team Member: Mille Porsild