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Home Sweet Home

May 27, Week 14

So much to hear, so much to smell, just so much! Snowland, I mean Greenland, was a whole lot easier on my ears and nose, that’s for sure; Easier to keep an eye on everything all day and night too, with all that light. Here at home is gets dark at night. I do like lots to lay on my back and look up at the twinkling stars. So does Sisu, she is next to me now and we do it together, and all of us paw a good howler at the moon. Its been shinning so bright since we got here, but, its still nothing like the light when out there with snow everywhere around us.

And the heat!!! Its crazy!!! They had barely cracked the tail open of the enormous belly when I could feel the heat. That was one big plane. None of us had ever been in such a big belly before. Not even Nazca! Mille jumped up and a really nice man and woman came and said hi to each one of us. They had lots of shiny stuff on their nice clothing next to Mille who looked a bit tired next to them. I get that, it was one long flight too. Actually, think that was the longest ever. I made sure to wag my tail and talk nice to them just in case they were very important. I think that is how we got out of the plane. Actually we rolled out of the plane – onto a new kind of truck! At first I got a little nervous, cuz Mille was watching us but she did not get on the truck, all our stuff was still in that belly and well, the guy sitting in a little box on top of it to drive it – I had never seen him before! But, Khan said he was sure we would see the dog truck real soon, and he was right! Not just the dog truck, Tim too!!! Lightning, Kodiak, Jupiter, Tucker, Yoik, Luna, I mean ALL of us were so excited to see him there to greet us! It was nice to lay on the grass too. Not for long though – as soon as Mille came around with all the stuff and it was in the trailer, we were off. In our boxes, flying down the road. Good thing, because frankly to be driving kept it nice with a cool breeze and it just seemed to get hotter and hotter. And smellier and smellier! It was like my nose had to get used to soaking it all up.

I do paw the smells here in the yard, and we always have a nice time waiting for it to cool down to start running again. As Sable says, before we will have wagged our tails much the flakes will be flying again—time flies she says… I am not all sure how that works for time to fly, but again, she is usually right. I mean birds fly, planes fly, the sled flies behind us when we go really fast! I watched big birds in a V fly over us this morning. I know the sound from being out there on the snow. We call them “Honkers”… They come when its gets warm and sunny up there – they are flying to where we just came from – the land of snow! Disko says the next land of snow we are going to is called Sapmi. I think I have been there before – lots of those animals with big antlers and yummy reindeer candy. He would know too, Disko always knows. Until then, lots of howlers!

Under-snow Snow-lovers

May 20, Week 13

They live under-snow here. Well, not all the time, but a lot! Not that we can really see it. We are staying a ways away from where most of them are – and all we really can see it that they go inside one of a white tent, but we heard about it.

Many of them come out to see us a lot. I paw scientists. That’s what they are called Nazca says. I guess they all really like snow and they go down into it to be with it a lot and do things to it to learn more about it, or something like that. Its hard to all understand cause they do not all speak English all the time. It’s a little frustrating since I am really trying to understand what they are doing, but its also pretty fun to listen to – and the thing is, I still get what they are saying to me! They like me!

If I have to say so myself, I could probably also tell them a thing or two about snow, that they don’t already know. Especially the snow here in Snowland, I mean, Greenland. We have sure spent a lot of time feeling it out during all those storms. Really get a close look at it then!

Nazca did run up there the other day to check it all out where they all are. She did not get so far though before Mille came out of the big black ball and told her back. There are no houses here like you see most places where people live. Instead there is a huge black ball. The other day when it was windy, Qannik, Yoik and I kept and eye on it to see if it would start rolling away! It didn’t though. We were worried, cuz we had seen Mille go inside of it, and she is the only one left here now of the guys. The rest of them all left!

Disko told me that the plan all along was that Aaron and Brant should leave. He would know, he and Aaron are best buddies. Disko said that’s why we were in such a hurry to get here. But Andrea, she was suppose to stay with us for sure. Guess she changed her mind! Makes me sad, she didn’t even say goodbye or anything. Baffin is worried he did not work hard enough and she was upset with him or something. That is really silly. First of all, few others work as hard as Baffin and also, that’s not what being out here is all about. Its not about what one of us does, its about what we are able to do together! And if I have to say so: what we Polar Huskies are really good at is teamwork! That’s how we get the job done!

Now, we have not all figured out how that is going to work—how will Mille run with all of us at once? I mean two sleds for one person might be a lot even for Mille! But, you never know! I was checking with Sable and Lightning and Sunny around me here, but no one seems to know what’s next. Sable did say she is sure its something exciting, and she is usually right about everything. Oh, here goes Trigger again. Time for a howler!

Moving Fast

May 13, Week 12

Its moving fast around here! I paw it here, but it sure is windy in Snowland. I mean, Greenland! I am sorry you have not heard from me earlier, but it was so windy for so many days, I was all snowed in there for a long while. I can’t quite tell you how long it went on. The sun still has not set since we started! We did have one good day of running too in between to big blows – but that was all... The rest of the time we were under snowcover. That’s what we do when the winds run so fast. The trick is to let the snow set up on you so it all covers you. Have to make sure your back is to the wind running at you and your can get your snout under your tail. I paw snow, but sure not all that comfortable when it gets in my nostrils. You also have to wiggle your toes once in a while off course, and, very importantly make sure you can always lift your head over the snow if you wanted to. So, you do have to get up once in a while for that – but otherwise, you really are best off staying under that soft snow and it keeps you warm. Mille comes to visit a lot when it’s all blow-land like that: every night when we stop after a great day of pulling the sleds, they all put up two places to go into until we go sledding again. It’s like a really big dog house, but it does not have walls like that. Guess that would probably take up a lot of space on the sleds. This can fold all up and put in a little bag! It’s really soft and bends. Like, you could not lay on top of it at all I think!? That’s my favorites thing to do on my house at home—so, at first you may ask yourself why even have it then!? Well, Nazca says that first of all they keep it hot in there. Seems like that’s the way they like it inside their doghouses. Nazca has been in there a few times over the years, you know how she runs around and gets her tail everywhere. She says it can get really noisy in there too when the winds are running fast. But, it does not seem to matter how fast the winds are running, it almost never lays down! I have seen it begin to lay down a few times but then they come out real fast to turn it and it stands all tall again. I mean, its not all that tall. I bet if I stood on top of Domino’s back I could look over it. Not, that I would ever think to ask him to let me do that. Domino is a great guy. I am a little afraid of him maybe. He can look real serious. It might just be because he thinks a lot... He explained to me that its ends, sort of like its back or front must be facing the wind too. I guess it’s not different from us that way, it’s best when it faces a certain way! I love when we are facing it with our backs even when we are running! Especially if its running really fast. Then it pushes us—and the sled too I swear! That’s what happened once it finally became calm again. We got up, and then we ran really fast and for a really long time. I think we were trying to see if we could outrun these huge machines that have been following us. Actually, they pass us, and then we follow them, and Mille gets in a real hurry. She call’s them all sorts of things to make us chase them: bugs, whales, I mean its all very silly. But she gets so happy when we get all fired up and bark at them trying to catch them, its pretty fun, even if we know its all just silly! The one day we did stay ahead all day. It was such a nice sunny day and just so great to be on the move again. The next day they came up and passed us pretty quick and we chased them foooooorever it seems. Lightning was leading us and she said Mille had said we ran almost 40 miles that day!!! The next day we chased it down again. It was stopped. Then something a bit strange happened. They put us on top of it!!! We were laying on huge boxes with Mille sitting in the middle of us. The other guys went inside a moving house with the smaller machine. We did stop once and they came outside. It almost looked like one big dog box they were all traveling in together. I am happy we don’t normally have to share our dog boxes when we are driving, and it did not look like they had any big windows to look out of either. We on the other paw could see everything from the top of our boxes! I could see the sleds, pulling behind so I knew we had not forgotten them either, and it was actually pretty fun all of us laying together like that! I had Kodiak on one side, Pingo on the other along with Tucker, and then Rubi, Tucker and Domino right in front of me. Disko was next to Rubi too, and Qannik! The whole thing moved very different from the dog truck too. A bit like a kayak on water when its moving. I know cause I did that when I was little. This seemed like it was moving a lot faster than a canoe though. Mille said it was like sailing... I paw sailing. I paw moving fast!

Diggin' it

April 29, Week 10

I paw Greenland. I mean, I love Greenland. Though I am telling you, it should have been named SNOW-land. There is snow everywhere. I have never been to a place with so much snow. The sun was really making me pant. Well, actually, as Qannik put it, the snow was so brilliantly cool to lay in, but Nazca told us the dirt started showing up on the road -- she would know, cuz as usual she made sure she could run around town a bit. I ask her if she would dare chase one of those big snow hares I told you about last week, but she just gave me one of those looks that makes you really quiet. Anyway, I admit I was getting a little worried the snow might all melt before we ever pulled the sled. Disko told me not to worry. And as usual he was right! Very right! That’s why I will follow him anywhere! He was in the first truck load with me too. About half of us went on the back of this. The rest of us came on a second ride afterwards. I was next to Sisu and Baffin. We were all hanging with our heads over the side. Andrea could not get it quite right. She was sitting in the middle of the truck bed instead. But I think I did see her put her nose in the air, just the right way! Brant was inside the truck with Mille and Aaron. Tim was not there. The only thing a little sad about it. I guess maybe he had seen enough snow for this year! He did give each one of us a tight hug and then we had a big howler together. I paw Tim too this year! He would have been hanging his head over the side with me I think! The truck was the same one as when we first time came to Greenland taking us from the plane to our dog yard here so far. Sable and I agreed we could tell - it smelled like lots of us! Especially Trigger. He is always like that. Makes sure everyone knows he has been *there*… Mille does not like that at all. We all know that! Aaron was driving us. It was very beautiful. Lots of brown. Brown like Sunrise. You know, lots of different shade of gray and brown with a wee bit of white! The rocks looked like waves. Actually looked like the waves of hard snow we cruise through sometimes. But I have just never seen anything like that out of rocks and dirt. Once we got to the very top - I am telling you, I was so excited. The sleds were there!! We were outside and the guys were all right there sleeping with us! We were all so excited, it was just so amazing. We could see so far - to one side ice and ice berg, to the other snow, snow, snow! We howled all night long! Actually, even the sun was so excited it apparently decided to never go down that night! And it has not gone down since!! That's just how I feel too! Its so great to be out here pulling up and down with nothing but snow. Wonderful deep snow to dig in. I am digging lots! Diggin’ this!!!!


April 22, Week 9

It didn’t even really do it to put my back against it. It’s really smart actually. You know, when it gets really windy, so windy that it’s hard to breathe: just curl up and lay with your back against it, then its all cozy. This time though it was actually so windy that the tip of my tail was flopping all on its own! I think Yoik was trying to catch his. He is silly like that. I can’t tell you for sure, cause I could not see him.

I couldn’t even see Luna or Sunny and they were right next to me! Its not that it was snowing. I mean, frankly there is not a lot of snow around here. I watched a huge white animal with long ears digging in the snow and it was not long enough for me to even eat half my dog food and it was eating – Sable says that’s how they find their food: dig in the snow and its on the ground. I have never seen any of them that up-close. I actually have only seen them a few times far far away from us when I was pulling the sled. And they actually must have been even farther away than I thought. Either that or they are just even bigger here in Greenland!? I saw one behind Sisu, its ears stood so tall I saw it over her back! Seriously, it was so big I think it might even weigh more than Sisu! I checked with Nazca – she says here they are always alone… And they are vegetarian she said. It means they don’t eat salmon like what our delicious food is made from. They don’t go fishing for a living I guess!... Its just, I was wondering if a whole gang of them would get together, if they would come in and maybe try to steal our food or something!? I admit it, I would not want to meet one of them alone coming over a rock on a dark night!!!

Not that there is any much chance of a dark night here by now. It does not matter when I open my eyes and its pretty much light outside all the time! For real! I love light. Did you know I am named after light? Glowing to show the trail ahead! When we saw lights in the white the other day we knew it had to be the guys coming to us. They dug around a lot. They always like to do that when the winds get really howling. It sure was howling… We all agreed it’s the biggest howler in recent years. Only Nazca, Disko, Khan and Sable have tried to be in bigger howlers. On that note, time for a howler!

Guess What?!

April 15, Week 8

We finally went flying! Three times! I mean, we only jumped into one plane, but the plane stopped and started three times, and every time I could feel it became a little colder so I knew we were going the right way… And, sure enough, now we are in Greenland—and I can tell you: nothing green around here! I love it! I love flying! I didn’t get a window seat though. But, Sable did. She watched out the window and says it was real easy to see everything down below! The guys that make the plane fly – I guess they are like mushers of the plane – they must like snow too…  They like snow lots just like us I guess! Aaron and Mille were not in a box like me too. They had to sit on a seat. They had to wear a thing across their lap to make sure they don’t flip flop around I guess. Then I think a box is a better place to be. We can just lay there and enjoy the ride!

Andrea, Tim and Brant were not on a plane with us though they were all around lifting things in and out of the plane. But once the doors were closing they were still outside and then they waved to us with big smiles!? Pingo was sitting right next to the door and he tells me there was still a pile of bags outside and he heard them talk about those bags having to go on another plane so I assume they had to go along to watch out for the bags. Else, I could have moved over a bit in the box and shared it with at least one of them! I am sure Domino and Jupiter would have too! They were on each side of me. Domino slept the whole way though. Think I barely saw him move a tail hair any of the times we took off. That's my favorite part - take off and landing. Makes me want to howl. When they opened up the doors the 3rd time I figured we were here, cause this time there were lots of people standing on the outside of the plane and waving at us, and sure enough – Mille would let us out the plane one at a time and one of those nice people would run with us to a little truck. It was real nice to get out to stretch and take them for a run! We ran over to Aaron who was standing by a little truck with a super nice lady. Sisu says her name is Kim. She drove the truck while Mille and Aaron were sitting in the back of it with the rest of us and I was trying to show them how to ride with their heads over the side too. I am sure they will get the hang of it one day. For now though, Disko tells me this is it. Next ride is us pulling the sleds! I can’t wait!


April 08, Week 7

I saw snow today!!! I knew it!!! I have to say they really surprised us this time.
It was really kind of quiet and most strange the big white trailer where we know they put the sleds and everything—it was not attached to the dog truck. Instead they came around the corner with a little trailer attached to it. On top of the little trailer were the machines we have been pulling around on the fields around here.  We were all a little puzzled—even Disko was not sure what was all up, and he usually knows everything!

We did already know that we are finally about to go to Snowland, I mean Greenland, when we had a big howler with Mille that morning. We were all sleeping, it was still dark – not much of a moon right now. Then Mille came storming out the door laughing and howling away. I heard Timber too. We all started howling together. I love howling. And that’s when she yelled, “Ready!!! We are gooiiioing to Snooowland!!!” I mean, she yelled “Ready!!! We are goooiiing to Greeeenland!!!”

It was not many naps later and here they started loading us into the dog truck! Kodiak and I were joking that maybe in Greenland there is no more snow either so that’s why the machines were coming with us instead of the sleds and all!? Kodiak is cool. He was in the box next to me too. We have new doors in our boxes on top of the truck, so now you can really see all of what’s going on! I love it! The way it sucks-in the air when the big trucks go by, the cows, and deer, and big white birds and little cars with lots of waving people. I always try to wave back but I think a lot of the time people can’t actually see my tail!? Oh well, its fun anyway.

It was so much fun when we got to the big lake of water and woods and they put the big chains out and we all jumped out and I saw snow! I knew we were not in Snowland yet, I mean Greenland, cause I know we have to fly to get there. I love flying. I flew out of my box, and we all flew down the trail this morning. It was so cool and felt so amazing again. I could feel the little hairs in my ears and see Lightning's breath ahead of me. Mille took off again so we are here in the woods with Andrea and Tim. Mille is coming back with Aaron and Brant in a few moons she said—told us to stay cool and run hard until then. We do! Then, we will all be heading for Snowland. I mean, Greenland!!!


April 01, Week 6

Definitely not brrrr around here.

If you walked into the dog yard you might not be able to find us all.

Like Good Thunder, all you can see is his ears and eyes. Kind of scary actually… He is a great guy. He always rolls right over for any people, but we Polar Huskies want to know where we have him so we don’t step on his tail!

It has been a lot of tails the last few sunrises. We all have these things in our tails that makes Andrea “burr” all the time. She walks around.. “Burrs, burrs, Tim, burrs.”  Especially Sunrise, Chukchi and Qannik make her burr! They really stick and you can’t bite them. Well, I guess you maybe can but they sure sting your tongue!

Nazca was telling me it’s a fruit, but I don’t know about that. I am no big fan of fruits to begin with, but this one sure doesn’t seem like much good. Even Tim has to wear leather gloves to get them all out of our tails. I made sure to wag mine lots to help him out a bit when he was on my tail. Letting him know I really appreciate it!

You know how fanning something gets you cool? I wish we could use our tails that way. Then they would have a purpose BOTH when its cold and hot. When you are out on the expedition trail you want to make sure you use your tail to cover your snout so your nose doesn’t freeze. Chukchi has a big tail. I should ask him if he could try fanning me for a while and see if that works out!

Luckily the moon has been so big and bright. Its perfect for digging out holes during the night to stay cool in all day long.  Perfect for howling too! Sure wish we were on the trail howling instead though…

Howlin' Honks

March 25, Week 5

My Mom Freja is the best at making observations. Actually, I think she is pretty much the best at anything. When she use to run with the sleds she was the best lead dog ever! Ok, maybe not. Sable just gave me stern look and says there is no such thing to tell the greats apart. She has a tail point. The first lead dog I ever ran with was Aksel. He is impressive – I have never seen him lose his cool no matter what! Actually my Mom and him use to run together. Last year I was a lead dog too. Mille likes the way I can jump really far I guess. We had to cross a lot of water jumping from one side of the ice to the other. A bit like flying!

I have been watching flying a lot. The birds Honk-Hooonks are in the air now. Heading North! Makes me howl. WOW can we just howl these days. I wonder if they can hear us? We sure hear them! Its amazing to watch the way they figure out who should lead. No one lead dog there! Instead it looks like they keep changing spots. All while honking! I actually tried to honk. Not that great at it I admit. Timber was out here from the house – and once again I just had to lift my tail for him: he actually knows how to honk! He is maybe the coolest Polar Husky ever! Oh, Sable just gave me another of those looks. Makes the hair in my ears shiver.

That’s not always bad though, happens too when I think about flying… And I  like flying a lot – and I like watching anything that can glide through the air like that, whether it is the big noisy groups of honkers, the cool black ravens that follow us when we run out on the expeditions – playing around in the air, or airplanes. Mille likes to get the dog team flying by yelling, “Iiiiiiit’s aaaaa biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird!” really loud, and then we all put our ears back and pull as hard as we can making the sled fly. We really do know that of course we can’t catch a bird – or an airplane – but it makes her so happy to see we are trying, so it’s fun anyway!

Lots of smiles yesterday! This really nice woman came to visit. She is a team member. Timber explained how she is not going dogsledding with us Polar Huskies… She is staying in communities we don’t travel to. She gets to meet all the people and kids!!! I love that too. But then, she does not get to be with us much. Bet she is sad about that! Timber explained today how they were packing and packing inside the house yesterday, and then flew off to the airport. Yes, airport! Christine got to do that, and I guess she is now on her way to GREENLAND!!! The expedition begins… I hope we get to go fly to Greenland soon too! Hm, better have a howl on that. May even have a few honkers honk in!



March 18, Week 4

Nazca says it means it almost time. She would know – Nazca has been on more expeditions than anyone else in the yard! The nice lady gave me some big white chews. Ok, I admit maybe those chews didn’t taste all that great, but I really did do my best to not let her know and just swallow.

I think she really likes dogs cause she touched us all and said nice stuff and was writing every time she said hi to one of us. Even to those that spit out the chews!Maybe she has a blog too? I wonder if she writes about how nice I was about my chew!  Domino just doesn’t like chews at all! And Sable was all talk about it. Right next to me she was talking to get all the attention, but I saw her spit it out as soon as the nice lady left to walk away from her. Mille saw it too. 

I will do anything if it means we get on the trail, really really really soon. There is no more snow around here. I can’t imagine living in a place where there is never any snow… Then what would we Polar Huskies do!? I am not sure it would make much sense to have all this hair if there was no snow ever. Especially all that hair inside of my ears… And I don’t even have nearly as much hair as Chukchi – or Qannik!... Her name even means snow, she told me!

Snow and ice, that’s what we are all about. My mom Freja tells me I was even born on snow! I love to eat snow too! And roll in it! One of my favorite things is when we have been riding in the dog truck going somewhere all day, and we stop and I jump out of my box up top into piles of big fluffy white flakes.

I really hope Nazca is right and I get to do that really really really soon.  The team sure is busy. We have been making sure to howl lots – you know, just like they howler out to us to make us know we should keep going…

I wonder, I should check with Trigger right now if he is up for another one!?


March 11, Week 3

I like the color of my crunch… and I do like the color of Sable! But, I admit it—My tail is not all up about seeing so much brown around the dog yard right now.

Its good times for digging though! Andrea and Tim have had out the shovels, digging trenches around us. A+ for effort! Lots of water is flowing around us… I have been trying to show them some technique to maybe speed up their project a bit. I am a good digger if I can say so myself, and as I said last week, if they consulted Rubi, she is a real pro.

Rubi is more vertical though. I like to dig out a plan. And I have really been studying the landscape around here, watched how and where the water flows! Did you know that the water on land flows into the river and then into the ocean? I did a lot of kayaking when I was little and I learned a lot about water. But that’s another story. Isn’t that amazing!!

When we are out running there is lots of puddles of water everywhere. I love puddles. Today, there was waves on one of them. We tried to run over there, but Tim was really telling us not to go there. I guess he does not like water all that much. I know Mille never likes it I when we are out on the expedition trail either! Every puddle we ran through though, I told Yoik that this water would go to the ocean and maybe one day end up in the Arctic where we are going. We are all connected like that! I am not sure he really gets it.  He just gets a really silly look on his face and seems to be all he thinks about is how much water he can get on anyone around him running through it. He is pretty funny that guy. A little guy with a big smile!

We all had big smiles on for several sunrises a few moons ago. It was crazy around here. I had barely finished my first howl when they started walking in and out, moving tables and being very busy. First Lulu and then some other cars pulled up with people piling out. By afternoon they were making boxes that looked like those we always pick-up along the expedition route when we get more dog food. They call them "re-supply boxes.”

We Polar Huskies always get excited when it is "re-supply" time; that means lots of treats and the team members are cranked up happy about it too. I am feeling a little cranked myself and crossing my paws that we might gets some taste of that cheese and butter in those resupply boxes! Time for a howler! 

Snow Holes

March 04, Week 2

Qannik says the snow we are going to run on in Greenland will be as thick as what we pull the sled in an hour—I admit that its really not all that clear to me what she means by that… An hour is as much time as about half that between breaks when we are on the expedition… I have a tough time with that the snow can really be that deep. Two miles or three kilometers deep snow! Wow!

Qannik is really into snow. I guess her name means ‘snow flake’ in the language of the people of Greenland—she is pretty excited about that. She actually does look a bit like a snowflake. Fluffy and all! Pretty funny how that worked out!

The snow has been melting around here. Rubi was able to hit dirt digging just yesterday. Rubi is the craziest digger. In the summer time she digs so much that her house gets all covered in dirt. You can’t get in her house then, even if you wanted to. But then, Rubi doesn’t, she crawls into these tunnels she digs out. Its cooler down there I guess. The joke around the yard is that she should get a job with NASA, becoming a professional digger.

Luna says NASA is really more about the moon and everything we can see in the sky than digging into the dirt here where we live. I am thinking she is a little biased on that that cause she has this whole thing about the moon. Her names means moon you know. But she could be right. The team has a sign on their jackets that reads NASA on it. I got a good look at it up-close the other day when Andrea was putting my harness over my head – and for all I can tell that sign really does have like planets and stars on it! You can’t see the stars nearly as nicely here in the dog yard as you can when we are out on expeditions. Its like the sky is much bigger, and darker and brighter!

Sometimes it even has huge lightshows going on! That’s not why the team wears the signs though.  When we get out on the expedition they dig holes every now and then and then they pull out sticks and stuff and measure all sorts of things and that’s for these NASA people. They look really excited about it too. I like digging holes too, but not so much that I get that excited. But then, I also get to do it every night on the trail. That way you can make just the perfect bed for the night. I love that: a fresh snow hole to curl in when you are really tired.

No time to be tired around here right now though!! They are all running around with boxes, coming and going any and all hours of the day. One of the boxes was for me! It had my new camera in it. Did you see my filming in the Trail Update this week? That was with this camera! I have it on my head! Its amazing the close-ups I can get of Rubi’s ears with that when I turn my head. I tried to get some really good shots of the snow we run on too, so you can get a feel, that’s before it started melting though.

Now, if I just had the camera I would film what my Mom Freja has been talking about in her finologies– how the snow melts on one side first and all!  It’s really true! I have to ask Chukchi and Chitwa if they can film it. They have been having the camera the last couple of days… Guess I am busy with this blog and all


1, 2, 3...

February 25, Week 1

We figured that there is a bag for each one of our paws, tails, two ears – not counting Aksel, Hershey, Lipton, Timber or my Mom Freja that is. But they were not around when the truck arrived so that worked out great anyway. Aksel, Hershey and Lipton all live elsewhere with their own plush couches, but I know Timber heard the truck coming up the driveway though he was inside the house where Mille sleeps at night with my Mom. Inside or outside, folded ear or not, Timber doesn’t miss a tail. I swear when he was out here in the yard with the rest of us he would even sleep with an eye open! Guess he developed that habit after standing nose-to-nose in camp with a polar bear or two.

Like Nazca always says, “you need to use all your senses to be in the know!” Like your nose, your paws, your ears, your tongue, your tail—well, you get the picture! She would know too, she is really good with directions and seeing stuff out on the trail, and she sure is old. Not as old as Timber though. He was down in the place where all the food goes the other day and swung by the yard on his way back to the house—keeping a nose out for the food to arrive as they say. He may not have the greatest sight anymore, but he can smell! And what a wonderful smell coming out of that truck when they opened up the backend of it. I don’t think you could have crammed another biscuit in there.

Well, actually, I am sure Aaron and Mille could have – they always seem to be able to find a way to load even the biggest pile of stuff onto just one sled! So, while Andrea, Tim and Paul carried the bags of crunch around, we counted our ears, tails and paws. Kinu totaled that to 161 bags! She might be little, but she sure is fast, and I guess she just goes howling for numbers. Jupiter muttered something about that she even counts out every little piece of kibble before she eats it at night – but I don’t know about that… Might just be a rumor.

Jupiter talks a lot. But then again, Jupiter’s house is right next to Kinu, so of anyone, he would know! I am sure he is not counting – and neither am I! Especially not this food… It might be my favorite food ever. Each little pellet is like a piece of candy with a smell just to bark for. Makes the little hairs in my ears perk up. I am sensing it! It’s salmon says Sable.

I hear there’s salmon in Greenland where we are going next! And polar bears too! They like salmon too I wonder...?

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